The Trailer For ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation 2’ Just Dropped And Things Get Even Trashier

As Jersey Shore fans know, the original cast reunited recently to bring us the best reunion we could have asked for. Jersey Shore: Family Vacation brought us drama, fist pumping, and even a visit from The Staten Island Dump.
While fans were pretty upset that Sammi didn’t join the OG crew in Miami, 2.5 million fans still tuned in to watch the first episode of Family Vacation. And, the series was so popular, MTV decided to bring it back for another vacation with the crew. The second season is set to drop August 23rd.

In anticipation of the season, MTV dropped the trailer for the show and fans are absolutely obsessed. The crew is heading to Vegas, which means things are going to be insane. Ronnie welcomed his daughter, and I’m sure the drama between him and his baby momma will be shown. Deena tells the girls that she’s pregnant with her husband Chris. Mike and his fiancé are on their way to planning their wedding. And, speaking of weddings, Pauly D marries someone in Vegas.

Snooki also drops the bomb that Angelina wants to come on the trip, which brings some drama between her and Jenni. The crew seems to bring it back to the Jersey Shore original house towards the end, which will bring back memories for everyone. All in all, it looks like a pretty great season.

Since the trailer dropped, fans on Twitter have been freaking out over what’s in store.

Tune in August 23rd for JerzDays and a bunch of drama!