Tomi Lahren Malfunctions On Twitter And Gets Roasted By The Internet

2 min

Oh, no, it looks like someone has broken Tomi Lahren! The conservative commentator and Angry White Lady™ tweeted “illegal alien” in all caps six times in one tweet, which is definitely a clear sign of malfunction.

Actually, Lahren was most likely tweeting in response to Twitter rejecting a paid promotion of a tweet containing the phrase “illegal alien,” deeming it hateful content.

But Lahren’s hysterical tweet led to her getting roasted on Twitter hard, because, you know, she’s Tomi Lahren and she’s a nutjob.

A lot of people went with the idea that the Tomi-bot 2000 had broken down altogether.

Parkland’s David Hogg weighed in, asking the important question, “Can you be illegal on stolen land though?” Good point.

And somebody else pointed out the hypocrisy of Lahren tweeting “Americans come FIRST” when President Donald Trump did such a lousy job of helping our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico after the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

I would say hopefully Lahren gets back to her old self soon, but her old self is pretty terrible. Sooner or later IT will be called in to check out the problem, though. Maybe try turning her off and on again?