Blake Lively Mistakenly Thought A Reporter Was Talking About Her Boobs On The Red Carpet

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Blake Lively is hands down one of the funniest women in the industry right now–even though she’s not exactly a “comedian.” It seems as though, despite not having a stand-up special, fans love her humor and trolling of her husband, Ryan Reynolds, on social media.
Recently, Lively stopped by The Tonight Show to talk about her new movie, A Simple Favor, with host Jimmy Fallon. When discussing the movie and other aspects of her life, Lively brought up a recent moment when she thought a reporter was talking about her “tits” on the red carpet.

Lively said she wore a shirt on the red carpet that she thought was a bit see-through. Obviously, she felt a bit self-conscious in front of reporters and paparazzi if her boobs were hanging out. She said:

“You know when you’re freaking out about something and you know that’s all anyone else is seeing? You know, you’re aware of it, so everything everyone says is, like, pointing out this thing you’re paranoid about, that no one’s really noticing.”

With all of that worry and pressure, Lively said she heard a reporter tell her, “your tits are amazing.” Imagine how uncomfortable she must have felt! She said:

“I’m like, wait excuse me? And he’s like, ‘your tits are amazing!’ And I’m like are we saying that? Is this…have you been on Google in the past year? Like, this is not okay.”

The reporter continued to say:

And your husband’s tweets are even better!

She then realized the reporter said her tweets not her tits.

“I’m like, ‘Oh, tweets! Twitter! My tweets are amazing! Tweets!’ It was like, oh my gosh. I was so relieved it was about my mind, and then after I was like, ‘But how are my…How are they?’”

Too funny.