15 Small ‘Thanksgiving Traditions’ Literally Everyone Who Goes Home For The Holidays Can Appreciate

We all have those classic Thanksgiving traditions. Delegating turkey-carving duty, making the stuffing, setting the table. Then, there are the little traditions that aren’t talked about as much, like scream-fighting with your mom over the phone two weeks before because plane tickets are $900 to fly to St. Louis and maybe it’d make more financial sense to just wait til Christmas one month later. Those are the traditions we remember at the end of the day. Here are some more.

1. Watching Dad Carve The Turkey

2. Coming Home From College For A Few Days

3. Vegans/Vegetarians In That Classic Conundrum

4. Fretting About What You’re Going To Make

5. Introducing The Family To Your New Significant Other

6. Just Having Friendsgiving With The Boys

7. Hosting Friendsgiving, But It’s Just You

8. Trying To Avoid Family Rumors

9. Going Back To Your Hometown

10. Preparing For Black Friday

11. Putting Animal Facts To Good Use

12. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

13. Helping Out Around The House

14. Finding Weird Things At Your Parents

15. The Following Several Days After