A Doll That’s Supposed To Look Like Idris Elba Has Everyone Really Confused

It’s no surprise that Idris Elba was named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive this year. The former star of the HBO hit series The Wire has long been a favorite of women (and men) across the world. But, the recent name-dropping of the actor all over again due to his new title, publications and companies have been fawning over him—including British company Emperis.

The company claims to make custom, specialty dolls that are ball-jointed. The doll, which stands at a whopping 17-inches and features movable joints is available on their site for—I kid you not—$1,100. Who would spend this much money on a doll of Elba? Someone who’s thirst AF, maybe. But, the only problem with this doll (besides the price) is that it doesn’t quite look like Elba at all.

We’ve seen this stud muffin plenty of times—he has a nice head of hair, great bone structure in his face, and he’s jacked. The doll? Well, it’s definitely off. Twitter has been hella confused since the toy dropped and they’re trying to figure out who the doll looks like and how anyone could say it looks like Elba at all.

Obviously, no one is going to buy this doll. I mean, unless you have a spare $1,100 lying around that you want to blow on a poorly done doll. In the meantime, at least it has left us all with a pretty good laugh today—and that’s all that matters.

Lex Gabrielle

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