23 People Who Laughed At The Most Inappropriate Times

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We all have moments where we have laughed at the absolute worst moment. Whether it’s in a serious situation, a sad situation, or an awkward one–there are some situations where laughter is 100% wrong at the given place and time. Not to mention, when it happens, we know we’ll never live it down.
So, why not share it with complete strangers on the Internet so we can laugh at your pain, right? Reddit users shared the moments of laughter that were completely and utterly inappropriate, and now, we’re pretty much cackling inappropriately at work.


Funeral. I thought the son was telling a joke in his father’s eulogy, turns out it wasn’t a joke.



It was my own joke that fucked me. We were in class watching a video about a big fire in chicago ages ago, the triangle shirt factory fire I believe. One of my classmates asked why they used children as workers, I responded with “because they make good kindling” and immediately we started cracking up.

The death stare from my teacher gave me the chills.



In the middle of church when I was like 10, a little kid dropped a song lyric book off the 2nd level and it hit some old lady in the back of the head during prayer. My mom shot me a glare, but I couldn’t help it.



My grandma choked to death eating at s restaurant she was very old and she was dead for no more than an hour when our immediate family was in the viewing room of the hospital saying our final goodbyes. My aunty, which is my grandmas oldest daughter says “she looks so peaceful like she’s asleep” Then my mom starts bawling her eyes out crying and hugging my grandmas body. I lean over to my cousin and say “if she keeps shaking grandma like that she’ll wake her up” It’s not a funny nor clever joke but the look on my cousins face as he’s trying not laugh ended up making me laugh out loud which he finally gave in and we’re both there in this sad situation laughing to tears.



I was in a job interview and the woman asking questions looked like a fish and had a funny voice. The more she spoke the harder it was to hold in the laughter. Then I started to imagine what a fish would sound like if it could talk. I started watching her lips move and with that thought in my head it was too much. I burst out laughing and couldn’t stop laughing.



Emt here. Thought it was a psych call… show up an 87year old woman is yelling her son got THE disease in jail. Looked at his penis, he was erect. He took a viagra and somehow his mom saw his penis and thought it was a disease. The scenarios running through my head got to me. The guy was embarrassed and went along with it being a disease. The mood was serious. I had to excuse myself.



I was in the middle of a movie theater when one of the young children in the movie were dying. Out of nowhere I thought of a random joke I had heard before (I can’t remember what it was) and starting wheezing in laughter as I watched a small boy dying on a hospital bed in the movie. My sister leaned over and whispered, “This is a sad scene,” as if I somehow misinterpreted how I was supposed to act in the situation…



Was at a wedding and the priest just sounded funny to me, but I was keeping it at bay, but I glanced at my friend who was also trying to hold it in and saw he was close to breaking, when the priest said:

“if anyone should have any reason why these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace”

… and we both burst out laughing, was so bad, I was crying tears, and everybody was looking at us. So embarrassing.



A couple years ago, I was volunteer for a french bulldog rescue. I had one in foster for some times and once he was better ( poor pup looked like a bit of wire covered in fur when we got him) it was time to start screening applicants for adoption
So here I met this very nice middle aged couple, and I ask the general questions, like where do they live, how much time per day will they have for the dog, did they already have a dog and how did it go, and so on

And at that question, I can see the man’s face starts to crumple and he reaches out to his wife and go “We had this wonderful dog, Amy, a Shi tsu.. She loved to hang out with me all day and just stay by my side.. and 6 months ago as I was repainting the ceilings I stumbled from the stepladder, and fell right on her..” He stops and starts to bawl

” I killed my dog ! I squished her ! I’m so sorry !! “

And the mental image of that tall, strong man squishing the dog to death under his butt.. I couldn’t hold it.
I did manage to hide it as a cough attack, but man, I still feel so so bad for him



Last week my partner was trying to tell me that his step-mum was in hospital. But his first sentence was “she was charged by a cow”. Of course I was going to laugh. He should’ve started with “she is in the hospital because…”