23 People Who Laughed At The Most Inappropriate Times

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At a sex addicts anonymous meeting. I was listening to a guys story and he was revealing details of what he did that were absolutely bizarre and i couldn’t control it.

Basically had to bite my tongue hard and then pretend I was coughing while trying to stifle it. That didn’t work so I had to leave the room.

People do weird and sometimes hilarious things just to get off.



My friend started laughing in the middle of a packed theater during ‘The Amazing Spider Man 2’ right after Gwen Stacy died. Like, immediately after she hit the concrete. You could have heard a pin drop in this fuckin place if it weren’t for him laughing. So he’s laughing and then I start laughing because he’s laughing at this ridiculously bad time, and our mutual friend who’s sitting between us starts hitting us both to be quiet. Nope. I shit you not I didn’t stop giggling until the credits started to roll.

After we got out of the theater I demanded to know why my friend started laughing. He started giggling again and said that the only thing he could think of when he saw her go was that humans normally void their bowels immediately after they die. So basically, my friend and I made fools of ourselves in public because he couldn’t stop himself from thinking about Gwen Stacy shitting herself post-mortem during Spider Man.



I was 14 and was in hospital having just tried end my life. I was having my heart monitered and had a bunch of those sticker thingies all over me attached to different machines. I was so incredibly delirious (I guess I couldn’t handle being alive or all of the emotions I was facing. I’d been so accepting of ‘ok I’m going to die’, but I’d been found) that I had no real control over anything. The nurse said ‘now you’re going to look a bit like a robot for a bit, ok?’ (being so young I was in a kid’s hospital, and the poor nurses were doing their best to keep me afloat) and I started giggling, which turned to maniacal laughing, which turned to sobbing.



9/11, freshman in a high school in New York – had no idea what was going on and school had only started a few days ago so wasn’t really used to the routine and what was and wasn’t normal. In between classes I’m walking with a friend and there is a huge crowd in front of the school mini-theater (which we used for presentations and such), didn’t think too much of it as again school had started maybe 6 days ago and I had no basis for the routine.

Friend of mine starts to tell me a joke, I don’t know what it is but I sure as shit know it’s inappropriate as hell so I start cracking the hell up, just loads and loads of laughter – right in front of me is the guidance counselor, he is not at all amused by my disrespect and starts to berate me – I’m confused, in my head my teenage brain thinks “dude it’s just a fucking joke calm down!”. . . I turn to the big ass projector screen and just think “holy shit what the fuck!”



When I was getting my daughters vaccinations i was sitting in the waiting room. A mom with a young son was crouching in front of him when her oversized purse slid down her arm gaining speed and hit him in the face. He flew back and landed on his butt stunned. It was such a comical situation I burst out laughing, even a few minutes later thinking about it I burst out laughing again, dead quiet waiting room and I wasnt able to control my laughter. I felt like a terrible person but i wish I had it on video.



In synagogue on Yom Kippur, which is a Jewish day of fasting for your sins and repenting for all the bad shit you did. Me and my sister hated being made to go by our parents. There is a part where the Rabbi reads through a list of dead relatives, you put their names forwards and then there is a prayer for them. It’s long and dull but I guess meaningful for some. One year, someone called ‘Fanny’ was read out. It’s not that it was particularly funny, but being a teenager with my sister, it was each other laughing making it impossible to stop. It started off with us looking at each other like ‘are you gonna be childish and laugh’. Not my proudest moment.



I used to have a problem when people I was having sex with were coming, I would laugh so hard because their faces and sounds they made and it made shit super awkward, especially if their dong was in my mouth or something.



I’m really bad in awkward silences, and usually burst out laughing even in some serious moments. The worst one had to be one of the memorial services we do on ANZAC day to remember the soldiers who died in our country. I received so many glares and frowns after the silence.



A girl in high school told me she had cancer…..BUT in my defence I think she set me up for it….I first reacted with “oh my God I’m so sorry” to which she replied….”its in my butt” then I fucking lost it. She didnt speak to me anymore after that.



I was about 10 years old. I was playing baseball in short stop position and the opposing team hit a pop fly to right field. We all watched as the kid positioned himself and his glove to catch the ball. His nose caught the ball instead and I just doubled over laughing. I was the only one in the whole vicinity. I had to clamp my hands over my mouth as blood poured from this poor kid’s face.



I was on a flight once when our plane hit some extreme turbulance. We hit a particularly bad pocket. It felt like we going to fall out of the sky. I don’t know what posessed me but I just burst in to laughter. I got a lot of strange looks from some of the other passengers.



It was the first Thanksgiving that my brother, my father, and I celebrated with my stepmother’s family, at their small home in Mississippi. We all gathered around the living room, joined hands, and invited my stepmother’s sister to say a blessing before we ate. They’re a pretty religious family, so my brother, father, and I expected a longer prayer than normal, but after five minutes of my aunt blessing each family member individually (including the long dead great great grandparents and all of their cousins) I could hold it in no longer. I snickered, which caused my brother to start laughing, which then cascaded to my father. Eventually my stepmom excused us all to the kitchen, so she could berate us for being so rude. We couldn’t even stop laughing for her to lecture us.



At my friend’s house. He had just finished up making some homebrew beer. It had a pretty high alcohol content, like 3x normal beer. He threw a party t celebrate and people were drinking them like normal beers even after his warning about the alcohol %. I was sitting on the left side his couch, with 3 girls sitting on the couch to my right. The girl in the middle of the other 2 suddenly puked all over herself and on the legs of the girl on each side of her. I jumped up, saw that I had no puke on me and just busted out laughing at all 3 of them sitting there. All 3 covered in puke afraid to even move. It’s like they were in shock. Here I am laughing my ass off. I look around and my friend who brewed the beer was looking at me like wtf.