The Funniest Tweets About Nick Cannon’s 9th Baby

nick cannon baby
@PopBase/Twitter, @saritanoelle/Twitter, taniavolobueva/Shutterstock

Nick Cannon shared the birth of his ninth child yesterday and is currently cooking numbers 10. It’s a lot. That’s a lot of kids. And the internet has OPINIONS about his abundant brood. Here are some of the best tweets about Cannon and his many, many kids.

1. So many kids

@mosthatedwhore_ / Twitter

2. Once again.

@shemehershan / Twitter

3. We are all he

@saritanoelle / Twitter

4. Afford them

@pettymelanted / Twitter

5. Poor /mom

@jiggyjayy2 / Twitter

6. He shows

@afrro_bee / Twitter

7. Apu

@shutda_ur_mouth / Twitter

8. Estate

@rakeemshabazz / Twitter

9. How many?

@undertablegrem / Twitter

10. It’s more than money

@nichole34119 / Twitter

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