Can You Name A Single Thing In This Photo? Neither Can Twitter

This is absolutely wild. A picture has been going viral on Twitter because it features…well, it shows…hmm…kind of a whole bunch of nothing? It’s honestly the strangest thing.

Take a quick gander at the photo below. It looks like a room full of boxes and bags, items in storage maybe, with something that looks peripherally like a monkey? A little? But when you actually focus on it, not one item in the picture is identifiable. None. Nothing.

That’s certainly not a monkey, and there are no actual boxes or bags in the room. And when I look at the picture, each item that I think I can identify turns out not to be the thing I thought it was.

Twitter is completely losing it over the picture, which was tweeted by @melip0ne.

People’s reactions were all over the place.

One person asked the question that’s on all our minds while looking at the pic.

And someone else asked the other question we’re also all wondering.

And because it’s Twitter, the funny people had jokes.

So what is the actual image? What are we looking at here? An art exhibit? Something computer generated? The Twitter user is not saying.

The person is, however, telling everyone that looksat it that they’re now cursed. So…SORRY FOR THAT!

h/t: Twitter: @melip0ne