Woman Who Calls Star Wars And Superhero Fans ‘Undateable’ Gets Obliterated By Twitter

Straight women generally want the men they date to be emotionally open and available. They want a guy who can talk about problems and express his feelings. But we as a society still tend to make fun of men when they’re passionate about certain things, things that are not, say, sports or cars. And especially when those things are sci-fi or comic book-related.

Take Ashley St. Clair (@stclairashley on Twitter). No, really, please take her, because she might just be the worst. The “conservative freedom fighter” and all-around obnoxious woman smugly declared on Twitter that men who love Star Wars and superhero movies are “undateable.” That’s a pretty big segment of the population and a really presumptuous statement.

St. Clair, whose Twitter header features a Ronald Reagan quote, posted her tweet after seeing vlogger and filmmaker Eric Butts’ highly emotional reaction to the first trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, writing, “Star Wars and super hero movie obsession culture has revealed a whole new population of undateable men. Might be worse than men who wear cargo shorts.”

Her tweet obviously got a lot of backlash, but she’s a troll (think Tomi Lahren), so that’s what she was aiming for. And she didn’t just make her point once and drop it—instead she kepttweeting about it, thirsty for attention.

Another woman, @StephanieHazen on Twitter, jumped in to support St. Clair, writing “People like @stclairashley and myself are just trying to help men realize they have been unknowingly poisoned by SJW culture. It’s out of love.” She also included the hashtag @MakeMenGreatAgain. Hazen, another “free speech activist,” might be friends with St. Clair or she might just be a fellow troll.

Weird that she’s attributing Star Wars and superhero movies to “social justice warrior” culture when they’ve been around for so very long and “SJW”is a relatively new term.

Alanah Pearce, reviews director for InsideGaming, responded to one of St. Clair’s tweets, writing, “Please note: you’re mocking someone for being happy about something. I wouldn’t date someone who thinks the way you’ve illustrated that you do in this tweet. I would date someone who’s so passionate about something it makes them emotional.” And St. Clair took that opportunity to snarkily ask, “Why don’t you slide into his DMs then?”

And Pearce responded that Butts is married and she’s not available and also, that’s NOT THE POINT.

The point is, St. Clair is mocking people for being ardent fans of something she herself is not interested in. Hopefully St. Clair has already found her mate, because with an attitude like this, she’s going to be alienating a whole LOT of people, for such a stupid reason.

People on Twitter struck back though, much as the Empire did in Star Wars (I’d apologize but I’m not sorry).

Even Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker himself, actor Mark Hamill, spoke up.

He also sent a special message to Butts.

And one woman, a teacher-in-training named Emily Chaney, who came across St. Clair’s tweets felt that they were about something much deeper than just mocking men who love Star Wars. She wrote an important thread about St. Clair’s toxicity on Twitter.

St. Clair, who devoted part of her Twitter bio to proclaiming Amy Schumer not funny, is a sour person with no heart. She claims she’s all for free speech, but I guess not when that speech is in any way related to loving Star Wars or superheroes.

h/t: Bored Panda

Jessie Dean Altman

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.