Guy Who Said Men Shouldn’t Shake Women’s Hands Is Getting Dragged To The Pits Of Twitter Hell

There is no shortage of bad takes on Twitter, but one of the worst to date was penned by @ramzpaul, who on Monday morning wrote how it’s weird for men to shake women’s hands because it’s “like shaking hands with a child.”

He continued: “It seems artificial and vaguely patronizing. The handshake was designed as a greeting between men to show that your sword hand was empty.”

A screenshot, in case our boy deletes it:

The woman expert elaborated in a subsequent tweet:

As is usually the case with male tweets so absurd it’s impossible to tell whether they are troll-baiting or earnestly misogynistic, I don’t know where to start. Wait, no, I do know. Comparing women to children seems appropriate.

Also the idea that only men can own swords.

Of course a bigger issue here isn’t the question of who may or may not be carrying a sword at any given moment (because, hardly anyone.)

It’s the fact that it is 2019, not 1919, and applying an outdated tradition to a present-day interaction rather than admitting misogyny (or worse, fear of women!) is so…cringeworthy. But yeah, sure, the woman is the “child” in this scenario.

Also there’s the fact that women don’t just willy-nilly walk around hugging strangers or new acquaintances—they generally only hug people they know well.

Imagine feeling this triggered just because a woman tried to shake your hand. Do better, Paul.

This is decidedly not art.

It is in fact the opposite.

Who knew it was this easy to tell which dudes have tiny peens without even having to sleep with them?

h/t Twitter