Guy Tries To Mansplain Vaginas To Women And Gynecologists On Twitter, Gets Anhiliated

Men love explaining to stuff to women, especially on Twitter. I think they view themselves as information sheriffs, scrolling through Twitter in search of fair maidens who desperately need their help. The thing is, not only is the help often unwanted, but it is also very frequently incorrect.
Recently a man named Paul Bullen replied to an article the Guardian posted about photographs of vulvas. [For anyone who isn’t completely sure, the vulva refers to the outside part of the female genitalia, while the actual vagina is the inside part.] Bullen wrote, “The correct word is vagina,” correcting the publication’s headline. And what follows has to be one of the most ridiculous cases of mansplaining that Twitter has ever seen, and that is seriously saying a lot.

Twitter user @Chinchillazilla posted some screen captures of the interaction. Dr. Jennifer Gunter, a gynecologist and “international expert on both the vagina and the vulva,” responded to Bullen, explaining that those were indeed vulvas and not vaginas. She even included a handy Venn diagram illustrating the difference.

Unsurprisingly, this was not enough to shut Bullen up. He replied to Dr. Gunter with a whole lot of tweets with a whole lot of words. It’s very hard to understand what it is he’s trying to say (he admits that the correct term is “vulvas” but still thinks the article should say “vaginas”), but it’s not very difficult to see that he is absolutely flat-out wrong.

At one point, Bullen brings up the fact that he’d had a “disagreement” with Dr. Gunter before, about the word “fetus.” He elaborated: “It is standard usage pregnant woman to speak of her baby, not her fetus. And there’s nothing incorrect about that.” Good gravy, this guy!

Chinchillazilla posted some follow-up tweets, one of which featured Bullen’s Twitter bio, which claimed that he was an “Editor, writer, teacher, researcher,” among other things.


She also posted another screenshot of Bullen, still rambling on about how vulvas are actually vaginas. He just wouldn’t stop!

Again, there are a lot of words in his argument, but none of the words seem to make sense.

Obviously, people on Twitter, men and women alike, couldn’t help but drag this dude into the middle of next week.

At one point, Bullen actually mansplained mansplaining, which is enough to make a person’s brain turn inside out.

One person posted a meme about overly-confident dudes that was hilariously fitting.

I’m pretty sure Bullen is still arguing, days later. Maybe he needs to watch some Frozen and just “Let It Go.”

Jessie Dean Altman

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.