Latest ‘GoT’ Theory Hints That Melisandre Is In Winterfell And We All Missed It

While we’ve seen plenty of our favorite characters so far in Season 8 of Game of Thrones, there are a few we have yet to be reunited with. One of these famous faces happens to be Melisandre—the Red Woman—who claims to be a prophet/witch from the Lord of Light.

We haven’t seen Melisandre since Episode 3 of Season 7—”The Queen’s Justice,” where she returns to Volantis in Essos because of “the mistakes she has made.” But, she claims she has “done her part” by bringing fire and ice together—aka Dany and Jon. She leaves after the two are united at Dragonstone in Season 7.

Just why did Melisandre leave? She tells Varys in Season 7 that she’s “done whispering in the ears of kings,” and, “I did not part on good terms with the King in the North or his advisor. Because of mistakes I made, terrible mistakes.”

These mistakes, of course, include burning Stannis Baratheon’s daughter, Shireen Baratheon, as a gift to R’hllor, the Lord of Light so that Stannis Baratheon could win the first Battle of Winterfell. Shireen was burned alive—in front of Jon’s advisor—Ser Davos, and her two parents.

It’s something that’s truly unforgivable.

She tells Varys that she “will return to Westeros” one day because she has “to die in the strange country,” like Varys himself. Presumably, Melisandre, guided by the Lord of Light, will eventually return to Westeros and die there. The perfect place to guarantee her death, of course, would be in the battle at Winterfell.

However, after seeing Shireen burnt alive by Melisandre, Ser Davos would never be okay with Melisandre fighting on their side—or by his side at all. That’s why many believe Melisandre returned to Winterfell in disguise.

In Episode 2 of Season 8, a little girl with greyscale walks up to Ser Davos, saying she wants to fight for Winterfell, too. Remembering Shireen, Ser Davos stops in his tracks—the greyscale pattern on her face matches hers.

The girl was bundled up and cloaked—and, although it is winter in Winterfell, some believe that the girl is actually Melisandre, who has a necklace that transforms her into a younger woman. The bundling up of the clothing would be the perfect way to hide the necklace from Ser Davos and anyone else for that matter.

If Melisandre wanted to return to Winterfell, this would be the only way that anyone would let her in—as not only does Ser Davos have a problem with her, but Gendry, Brienne, and several others do, too.

The Lord of Light may come into play in the final season, too, as “The Prince That Was Promised” prophecy also has a lot to do with Jon Snow and the Lord of Light. It’d be interesting to see if Melisandre actually did sneak into Winterfell to join the battle and how much of a role she will play in the outcome of Game of Thrones.

h/t: BroBible