19 Blow Job Tips To Guarantee You Blow His Mind Every Single Time


Jack him off while lightly licking the spot just under his balls. Alternate between that and actually giving him a blow job. Total game changer.



An absurd amount of saliva. On the bottom of the shaft where the mouth won’t reach (my boyfriend has a huge weiner) use an absurd amount of saliva and move your hand up and down as if it were a vajayjay. Works like a charm.

Candice Young


A little hack if you have a gag reflex is to just squeeze/press down your thumb with the rest of your fingers. It stops you from gagging and choking.



I like to rub the underside of the head with my tongue while I suck and move my mouth up and down the shaft. I also start with deepthroating, and then I add my hand so I don’t have to do that the whole time.

Callie Ebright


My bf loves when I lick it from bottom of the shaft to the tip and give extra tongue right at the beginning of the tip where there is the most sensitivity- think of it like an ice cream cone.

Katie Moeller


Foreplay and lubrication are your best friends.
Feel free to use a lot of tongue. If you have a really sensitive gag reflex spit in your palm or use some lube and suck on the head while using giving a hand job occasionally licking the shaft. Play with his scrotum and his balls. Just like you like variety, so does he. Kiss his inner thighs and his “v lines”. Swirl your tongue around his head. And make sure you’re not sucking so hard you’re biting. If you only remember one thing, be gentle and have fun.

Dahlia Marie Johnson


Humming and moaning usually gives it all a little umph since the throat vibrations offer more stimulation.



I really listen to the man’s body language. Every man is different. If he starts tightening up and breathing a little heavier when I’m doing something in particular, I try to give extra attention to that site. Sometimes that involves just the balls, or just the head. Sometimes it involves multiple places that need to be cared for at the same time.



While going down on my husband, I lay on my side next to him (we look like the letter T) so he can tickle my back, neck, and shoulders while I’m doing it. This makes me stay down there longer cause it feels so good. I don’t want him to stop and I’m sure he doesn’t want me to stop.