Achieve Full Eye-gasm Just By Looking At This Carpenter Set A Piece Of Wood

Sex is great and all, but have you ever seen something so satisfying that you lean back in your chair and audibly exclaim, “ooo, yeah that’s that good stuff right there?”

Maybe it’s a perfectly looped GIF of a dog climbing up and going down a slide. Or, perhaps it’s a well-manicured lawn with nary a leaf to blemish it.

Or, it could be expert-level carpentry.

Leave it to the fine folks over at r/oddlysatisfying to find the most premium plank placement of our time.

Satisfying carpentry

After watching that literally 18 times in a row like I first did, perhaps you’re wondering what Reddit user ‘MrTevani’ wondered: Card
Though the exact method remains unclear, one of the more popular theories stems from Reddit user ‘jereman75.’

This is usually done by carpenters with a technique called “scribing.” You can use a compass or some other tool to transfer the profile of the irregular wall to a piece of wood, then cut it with a jig saw. Old school cabinet hangers do this all day long.

Whatever nomenclature this majesty goes by, I’m pretty sure that Jesus himself couldn’t have done a much better job. Maybe Joseph, since he was the actual carpenter of the family, but I’m not entirely sure, since The New Testament doesn’t really go into the actual carpentry skill-level of the Christ family.

Not sure if someone’s invented ASMR carpentry, but if they haven’t we’re all sitting on a gold mine, because, just…