19 Blow Job Tips To Guarantee You Blow His Mind Every Single Time

When it comes to pleasuring our man, we all want to make sure that we’re giving it our very best. While we think that we know the “best way” to do things, sometimes our idea of what’s best isn’t what their idea is.
Instead of trying to improvise and do things off the cuff, it’s probably best to consult…well…those who are receiving. But, if you’re too embarrassed to ask your man what he loves, BuzzFeed consulted complete strangers online to share their best BJ tips to rock his socks off.


My guy likes it when I suck and swirl my tongue around his head after putting the whole thing in my mouth a few times. I do it intermittently, because the head is super sensitive. And I moan while doing it because it vibrates his member. Don’t forget to lick/suck on his balls too. It doesn’t necessarily turn them on, but it does help stimulate growth if you know what I mean. And for the love of all things good and holy, don’t give a blow job with a dry mouth! Also, some guys like it if you have fruity gum or ice or something like that in your mouth. The scent is pleasant, and the ice creates and odd sensation.

Beverly Gwin


I keep the head of his penis and a little bit of the shaft in my mouth while simultaneously using my hand to stroke his shaft in sync with the rhythm of my mouth.



While going down on his member use your hands to stroke, carress other areas of his body. The most reaction I get is carressing his chest, nipples and inner part of his thigh.

Christopher Wyse


I usually start by licking up and down the shaft a few times before I actually put the head in my mouth. I like making my tongue hard and licking all around the head, especially under it. It’s a nice prologue to the actual blow job.



Keep it wet and use your hands! Always have your hands on his cock or his balls. And put your mouth right on the tip, then suction as you just take the head in. Have always had very good results with that move.

Nadia Stimpel


The best trick I ever learned is to drink grapefruit juice! Grapefruit juice, orange juice, basically anything acidic. The low pH level causes most people to salivate like crazy. The wetter, the better.



My boyfriend prefers getting head lying down. So he lays on his back with me between his legs. I always make are my breast rest on either side of his shaft. I start slow in a up,down motion never touching the base. As he’s getting close I take him in entirely picking up the pace. Brings him to climax every time.

Yazmean Janea Donaldson


If he is cut, you better apply a lot of suction and focus in the edges of the glans. If he is uncut, be gentle. Mix between suction and licking and focus in on the frenulum.



Don’t forget about the balls! They’re sensitive too! While he’s in your mouth, play with the balls a little. Theres also a spot riiight underneath the balls that I apply pressure to (mostly massage) and its just an added thing that helps him orgasm. Also I’ll give my mouth a break sometimes and when I use my hand I’ll make sure to run my fingers over his tip on my way up. Also spit. Everywhere. the wetter the better.

Cate Wenzel


Enjoy it. Why do it if you don’t like it? Figure out what you LIKE to do and pay attention to your partners reaction. Make sure he can catch glimpses of what you’r edoing. Also, wetter is better(from what I’ve heard).

Brooke Vaughn Blaize