Employers Are Sharing The Funny And Weird Questions They’ve Been Asked During Job Interviews

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I got asked “What is the job? My girlfriend made me come here.” Try as she might, I don’t think he’s going to be successful lol. —TwincessMom22


Had someone ask how soon he could take paid leave after being hired.

I hadn’t even really finished the interview or gone over the benefits package yet. Plus, this is not what you want to hear as you are hiring for the busiest time of year. —aisored224


“When do I start?” —Magicallybabelicious


I was actually the one that issued the question. Was told by my boss recently, that during my interview the last question I asked was “When can I expect your answer”, which she immediately had to laugh about, but it showed her that I was very confident in my abilities and it was actually the reason she hired me. —straikychan


After explaining that the position needed to be filled immediately, they asked: “well, do you think I can start in about 2 months? I have a vacation planned and I also want to finish out my unemployment.” Needless to say, I didn’t offer them the job. —ccc428

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