Facebook Mom Groups Are, Well, They’re Something… (25 Pics)

You know this is a public platform, right mom?

If you thought a group of moms hanging around discussing parenting at the local park is awkward, it’s a whole new ball game in the virtual world of Facebook.

As more and more younger people abandon Facebook to spend more time on TikTok or Instagram, a bunch of moms are still lingering in Facebook groups giving horrible advice, sharing too much information, and filling their fridges full of eggs?

Get a steady dose of cringeworthy stories and bizarre posts thanks to some moms in Facebook mom groups.

Maybe sign out of the ol’ Facebook and take a break huh, mom?

1. “A whole new level of jealously right there”

2. “The mom group I’m in is a goldmine for crazy. I posted about my 2-year-old asking for privacy in the bathroom and this was a comment I got”

3. “I wonder why this isn’t working…”

4. “I wonder why she can’t find another babysitter”

5. “Egg fast keto mom group”

6. “The unique name Olympics are in full swing”

7. “Who knew I wasn’t a real mom?”

8. “TL;DR Can anyone lend her some money so she can catch the bus to go steal gifts for her kid?”

9. “Do babies give hickies?”

10. “It’s gross Karen. I’m also pretty certain it’s illegal to feed unsuspecting people your bodily fluids”

11. “That’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works…”

12. “Maybe because that’s illegal”

13. “I literally don’t even know what to say”

14. “Oh Phancy”

15. “A friend posted the ‘before and after’ pics of her child’s room. It wasn’t that bad beforehand but someone thought otherwise”

16. “Y…..yes???”

17. “Yep Karen. They’re putting drugs in your pizza”

18. “Prayer isn’t billable to insurance, Karen”

19. “Maybe don’t leave the house if perfectly normal human behavior bothers you?”

20. “I asked about learning activities for my toddler”

21. “I mean candy is unhealthy buuuuut”

22. “This list of diaper themes from my cloth diaper buy/sell group is… a lot…”

23. “The wrong kind of kid emergency”

24. “That’s not how any of this works”

25. “*Stares in CPS*”

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