Everyone On Twitter Is Having A Meltdown Over How Many Towels And ‘Bath Sheets’ Couples Should Own

There are a lot of important things to consider when you decide to move in with your significant other. For many of us, we’re coming from living with roommates or living with mom and dad. In both situations, we usually have one of everything for ourselves and hardly have to consider how many items we should have for other people. Moving in as a couple poses a lot of important questions about how many items you need for your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. For example: how many towels do you need for two people?

Apparently, it’s not a crazy question to ask. One Twitter user asked the Twitter-sphere how many towels they believe a couple should have. According to Abdul, 10 towels was the perfect amount. But, his girlfriend totally disagreed.

Another Twitter user, Yasar, decided to weigh in with a very important explination—it’s not just towels you need. In fact, you need 10 bath sheets, 10 bath towels, 10 hand towels, and 20 washcloths.

Immediately, everyone online was confused WTF is a bath sheet and how does it differ from a bath towel? Also—why do you need this many towels and washcloths for two people.

Yasar was kind enough to explain the difference between bath sheets, bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths.

However, people still thought that having this many for two people was just obscene. And, a lot of people began to argue over how many towels a couple truly needs.

Others on Twitter were like…WTF is going on with towels though?

Other people online decided to troll Yasar with their own set of rigorous rules and regulations about some things—because there’s no better response to a viral tweet than troll jokes.

In reality, my boyfriend and I own 4 towels for ourselves (2 each), and one guest towel/washcloth to hang in the bathroom for guests/drying hands. We wash everything regularly, so having 50 towels/etc sounds insane to me. Sorry, Yasar, but you’re cut.