This iPhone Typing Hack Is Changing People’s Lives And You’re Welcome

When it comes to making typos while texting, I am the queen of confusing every single one of my friends with what I’m actually trying to say. But, I’m also the queen of sending paragraphs of information at a time, so going back to erase everything and change it is a no-go. I’d rather explain that I made a typo than re-type everything—I’m lazy.

Now, I discovered a brand new iPhone hack—thanks to a wonderful Twitter user and food blogger, Krissy Brierre-Davis. She shared on Twitter that she discovered the hack by holding down the shift bar on her iPhone and realizing that you can drag the cursor to the word in the text box and simply fix it. 

Apparently, it’s not “news,” even though we are all just discovering this life-changing tool.

And, yet, Twitter was absolutely blown away by the new discovery.

Try it out yourself, I did—and, I’m mind blown.