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    19 Products For Anyone Who’ll Be Watching ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ From Now Until New Year’s Eve

    It’s a long-standing debate as to whether or not The Nightmare Before Christmas should be considered a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie. There are arguments to be made on both sides, but any true fan knows it doesn’t really matter because Jack Skellington is enjoyable any time of year. For those die-hard Nightmare enthusiasts […] More

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    13 Amazingly Chic Pieces Of Home Decor You Can Get For Under $15 On Amazon

    Decorating your space can be a fun project, but it can also be an overwhelming and pricey experience. Even Target gets expensive after you’ve lost all self-control in the home goods section. We know the feeling all too well. Fortunately, there are several wonderfully chic pieces of home decor available on Amazon at an affordable […] More

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    21 Hilariously Accurate Products Only Exhausted Teachers Can Truly Appreciate

    Teachers are our undisputed everyday superheroes. Though they are the most vital and dedicated educators, teachers are often overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated. If you happen to be a teacher reading this, you know the story all too well. But we would like to do something—even if it’s a small something—to show our gratitude for all […] More

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    23 Visually Satisfying Products You’ll Want To Stare At All Day Long

    Have you ever watched one of those deeply satisfying viral videos and caught yourself unable to look away and needing more? Like a time-lapse of an artist sketching or a slow-motion pimple popping gif, or even just someone playing with a sequined pillowcase. It’s almost impossible to break your attention from something so mesmerizing which […] More

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    21 Unbearably Cute Dog Halloween Costumes You Can Get On Amazon

    Every year, I’ve found that dressing my dog up for Halloween is infinitely more entertaining than finding a costume for myself. Dogs look adorable in pretty much everything—except maybe those terrifying spider costumes that are way too realistic. Since our favorite spooky holiday is only a few weeks away, we’ve rounded up some of the […] More

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    19 Useful Products Under $45 Anyone Who Works From Home Needs ASAP

    As someone who recently transitioned from a traditional office setting to working from home, I can honestly say it is by far one of the best ways to increase productivity. I find myself spending more time on meaningful assignments rather than losing valuable working hours on a stressful commute or unnecessary meetings. However, just as […] More

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    17 Futuristic Home Appliances You Can Totally Justify Splurging On

    Do you ever find yourself looking through a Brookstone or Sky Mall catalog and imagining your house full of super-human appliances? Ah yes, this is my state of the art Smart Oven 9000 that cooks any meal in 5 minutes. While I’m not sure that invention is coming out anytime soon, there are a slew of […] More

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    These Are The Most Insanely Expensive Things You Can Buy On Amazon Right Now

    Most of us use Amazon as our one-stop shop for home good essentials, clothing, electronics, and literally anything else we might need. However, the online retail giant also offers an array of products that are priced far above our pay grade. I mean, I guess the millionaires of the world have to shop somewhere right? […] More

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    22 Incredibly Useful Products That’ll Make Your Life So Much Easier

    It’s no secret that life is full of little annoyances that can add up to one overwhelmingly unnecessary headache. From messy unorganized drawers that make it impossible to find the one thing you need to burning yourself on the straightener again because there’s not enough room in the bathroom, and don’t even get me started on […] More

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