40 Memes From Season 7 Of Game Of Thrones To Jog Your Memory Before The Final Season

15. Seriously, that guy refuses to give up

16. Bran still grappling with his powers

17. Arya and Jon not seeing each other since season 1

18. Varys and his little birds

19. Littlefinger trying and failing to get between SISTERS

20. The White Walkers walking backwards to the Wall at points

21. Jon not really talking about his resurrection


23. There will be a few more incest jokes

24. Jorah getting some heated competition

25. Seriously, Lady Olenna was the Queen of Tea


27. Qyburn really getting hot and bothered for dead people

The finale really inspired me. Presenting "Distracted Qyburn" from freefolk


29. Cersei’s weird prophecy from the witch in the woods

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31. The Magnificent Seven’s journey beyond the Wall