This Video Of ‘You’ Without Joe’s Narration Is Making People Wildly Uncomfortable

Anyone who has binge-watched Netflix’s You is familiar with the creepy tendencies of protagonist Joe Goldberg. Throughout the show, viewers are privy to Goldberg’s inner dialogue which adds to his unnerving presence and helps audiences follow the plot line.

However, if we were actually on You, like the other characters, we wouldn’t be able to hear Goldberg’s thoughts. This means lots of awkward silences and uncomfortable pauses.

Fortunately, we don’t just have to imagine being this uncomfortable because someone recently shared a video of scenes from You without Joe’s thoughts.

Feast your eyes…

See what we mean? The most awkward two minutes ever recorded.

And fans had a lot of feelings about it.

Never fear though, Joe’s inner monologue will return along with the second season of You which is said to begin production later this month.