Guy Receives Rude Text From Stranger Using His Netflix Account And Things Got Heated

When it comes to watching TV and movies, almost everyone streams today. Whether it’s Netflix, Hulu, or premium networks—we all stream (and binge) everything. Long gone are the days where we all pay for cable, nope—we can get everything we need online. But, let’s be real, not all of us pay to stream. Many of us rely on our significant others, families, net worth, and friends to pay their bills in order for us to watch entertainment.

But, what do you do when you break up with someone, or stop speaking to someone, and they forget to pay their bill? Would you hit them up anyway begging them to pay so you can still watch The Office for the 100th time? One Reddit user shared a text that a friend of theirs received from a complete stranger after he forgot to pay his Netflix bill. Apparently, his ex gave his password out to friends of theirs from a while back and he rudely requested he “pay his bill.”

Wow, the balls of this dude! Apparently, a lot of people can relate to this, too.

Funny story I once had a girl post on instagram the day after breaking up with me “TFW you break up with your man but still have his HBO”

She quickly lost access after I contacted customer support to log out all users on my account.


My ex hit me up 3 years after breakup when I changed hulu+ password (because of someone else) for the same thing lol

I had no idea she was still leeching off it.


PSA: I got an email yesterday from hulu saying a device had been added to my account from China so I checked all the devices on my account and it turns out there were about 6 different devices added from all over the world dating back 5 years. I was never notified until the China one.


One of my friends asked if he could use my Netflix til he paid for his in a few days. I said I didnt have one so I set up a free trial for him to use. I forgot about it til about 2 weeks later when I went to cancel the trial. I looked and he had deleted my profile and changed it to his and his gfs name! Quickly cancelled the trial, changed the password, and logged him out. Fuck you


I broke up with my ex but it was amicable so I let him continue to use my Netflix. He apparently gave my info to his new gf AND her 2 kids because one evening I am kicked off my own Netflix because ‘too many people are watching at once’. So I do a polite sign out of all devices and hope that he will get the hint and I thought he didn’t remember my password. The next morning I wake up to an email saying that someone logged into my account and upgraded me to the premium 4 screen viewing package and here is the new higher price that I would be paying all by myself! Needless to say I was quite annoyed and I changed my password immediately and reverted to my original plan and haven’t spoken to him since.


Wow. Y’all are cheap moochers, huh. Damn.

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