Woman’s Eye-Opening Twitter Thread Reminds Us That Children Can Pick Up Your Good Habits Too

It takes a very special kind of person to work with children. As we all know, children are like sponges–they’re always absorbing new information, tricks, words, and habits. That’s why being a childcare worker is incredibly difficult and important.

Parents know that having to be with their kids all day long can be draining–you’re constantly having to watch your mouth and ensure you’re on your best behavior. So, imagine how hard it is for childcare workers who spend 40+ hours a week to always be their best.

Twitter user Amanda shared some insight on what it’s truly like to work in childcare and some important things she has learned. All in all, she made sure to make a point that the kids are always watching you, no matter what you’re doing in the room.

Daycare and childcare are 5 days a week, sometimes for 8 hours a day. That’s more time than most children spend with their parents. So, while parents may try to instill good lessons and positivity in their kids, childcare workers are with them more often. So, it’s important to remember how you behave in front of these kids. Amanda makes sure to point out that kids pick up not just your bad habits, but your good ones, too.

She also added that positive reinforcement is crucial in childcare, regardless of how busy you are. Even a simple “good job” can make a child’s day and instill confidence in them.

Additionally, she pointed out that letting them do things in the classroom can help them learn and maintain independence, not always needing help and wanting someone else to “do it for them.”

It’s crucial to remember the lessons we teach children today shape who they will become tomorrow. We want them to feel they are accepted and valued so they can become strong, fierce leaders.

Bringing it back to childcare, Amanda made sure to let all workers know the little bit of understanding, patience, and help really does make a difference.

And, no matter how hard the job may be, it will always be incredibly rewarding to see those positive lessons manifested in children as they grow.

People on Twitter were grateful to see that there are people in the world who care to go above and beyond for children.

Other childcare workers were thankful that someone put into words how they feel every day going to work.

Always remember to thank your children’s teachers and daycare workers, their job is much more than “babysitting” your kids all day. They truly do matter.