People Are Revealing Their Partners’ “Weird Kinks” They Lovingly Went Along With Out Of Love (20 Posts)

Doja Cat/YouTube/Reddit

We do a lot for our partners when we’re in a loving relationship. And, of course, it should go both ways. From chores to parenting duties and everything in between, part of being in a committed relationship is knowing how to help meet another person’s needs and wants.

And that includes in the bedroom.

Redditor u/Accomplished-Town636 recently asked:

“What’s a kink your partner/ex has that you went along with because you loved them?”

And the answers delivered! Here are the best replies.

1. Hot wax

One ex looooooved hot wax. I’m a hairy motherf-cker. Not fun.


2. Got weird

She has a daddy kink and I have a mommy kink. It got weird fast.


3. Ignore me

My ex liked to be ignored. He’d f-ck me while I was playing video games, working, scrolling social media, etc.


4. Group sex

Gang bangs I thought It’d be a one time thing and that’s it but no she wanted to constantly have group sex, specially gang bangs.


5. Nipple play

Just really wrenching on her nipples. I was holding back a bit because I didn’t want to hurt her, I wasn’t feeling great about it, but she kept saying harder and harder and finally when I went full on, she had a really intense orgasm.


6. EW!

I hooked up with a guy who wanted me to SCRATCH HIS GUMS with my fingernails, HARD. it was horrifying. it makes me squirm just to think about it.


7. Ugly fetish

I had this hot friend with an ugly kink. She liked masturbating to an ugly guy that she’d never f-ck, and letting him watch. I think it worked for us both.


8. Shoes

My ex used to always ask me what shoes I was going to wear on a date. And he bought me a pair of strappy heals. Then we were FaceTiming and he finished in a pair of heels and that is how I knew he had a shoe thing. Just wish we had the same taste in footwear


9. More cowbell!

Ex liked having sex in a cow themed bikini with horns and cowbell. The only thing I hated was the cowbell it got very annoying real quick. 


10. BLOOD.

Stabbed me in the arm with a pencil and then drank my blood before I could even react. Any time I start getting thoughts about missing her I just tell myself “She stabbed you with a pencil and drank your blood.”


11. Hair

She was a hairdresser that had a real kink for touching, smelling, and cutting peoples hair. She’d get me to grow my hair out into a mess so that she could then cut it back and do me in the chair. I didn’t really get anything out of it, but I was happy to oblige.


12. Shrinking fetish

my ex had a shrinking fetish? i can’t describe it but he liked the idea of me being a giant and him being tiny and he liked when i sent videos stepping on the camera and sending it to him idk if it was a feet thing or not. the worst part about this was he could see my double chin


13. Blood

My old FWB was a total blood hound. Like being on my period was preference for him. I didn’t mind it but it was something I didn’t understand. Made sex smell like pennies.


14. Torture

Didn’t love the guy but a hookup was huge into cock torture. Figured I’d try it but I wasn’t hurting him bad enough. There was a lot with that guy.


15. Pegging

Pegging. I pegged him twice. Wasn’t bad but definitely was NOT into it.


16. Urination

She greatly enjoyed being urinated in.


17. Watching

She always wanted to watch me sleep with another woman, it sounds fun but someone you love in the corner dead eyeing you as you bang a somewhat stranger gets a little uncomfortable.


18. Describe it

One of my exes liked at times to call some female friends of hers and wanted me to describe how things were unravelling. She wanted me to give full details of what she was doing, in which hole she was taking it, if I liked or disliked things. I found it amazing actually. Sort of a 2.5some.


19. Hairy nips

One got something out of sucking my nipples. To this day I can’t understand what she got out of my hairy nips


20. Biting

Biting down on my lip and pulling it when we’re kissing It’s occurred to me just now why the inside of my bottom lip is so sensitive