Viral Posts Proves That 99.9% Of Men Have No Damn Clue What A Speculum Is

Any woman knows that the worst part about going to the OBGYN for an annual checkup is when they reach for the speculum—the cold, steel, traumatizing speculum. For many women, we realize from the very first time we spread our legs in the stirrups at the gyno that the speculum is not our friend. However, for men—well, they don’t have to undergo the trauma that is the “spread-eagle” in the doctor’s office, while we wait for our gyno to head back in.

Do men even know what a speculum is?

I wonder…

Thanks to a wonderful Facebook post from “Bad Parenting Moments,” we can now confirm that the vast majority of men—about 99.9% of them, with the .1% being OBGYN’s themselves—have no f**king idea what a speculum is.

This is always fun. (Credit: Unknown)

Posted by Bad Parenting Moments on Saturday, March 23, 2019

After being shared over 3,000 times and commented on 5,000 times—husbands had some pretty hilarious responses to what they thought this slab of metal really was. Obviously, none of them came close to what it actually is.

Not even close.

Sorry guys, but no.


Aww…but no.

That would hurt.


FFS is right.

Off by a mile.

LOL more.

But, as it turns out, some ladies married some well-cultured men out there.

What a name.

Welp. Close.


Facts, bro, you’re smart.

Nope, they don’t.

Oh, okay.

Yup, a spatula.


h/t: Facebook.