Twitter Tears Man Apart After He Compares Period Cramps To Skinned Knees

Most men don’t get periods, and therefore there’s really no reason for them to understand menstruation. They get the basic gist of it, sure, but the specifics, like how many tampons we use (Male NASA engineers once asked Sally Ride if 100 tampons would be okay for a week in space, she said they could easily cut that number in half), or how much we bleed, those most men don’t know.

Learning how many tampons a woman uses (while it varies wildly) would at least be something a man could figure out, but the pain of having a period, especially women with endometriosis, is not something that most men will ever experience and therefore they have absolutely no idea what to compare it to.

But that didn’t stop Twitter user @__sargee from ignorantly posting a picture of an athlete’s skinned knees next to a picture of a soccer player and writing, “Until women experience this, I don’t wanna hear about period pains.”


Women play soccer AND they have periods, dummy.

Second, as it happens, more than a few Twitter users pointed out that those are apparently a woman’s knees in the picture.

Third, skinned knees, shminned knees, PERIODS HURT.

And last, olSargee is forgetting about a little thing called CHILDBIRTH. So you know what? Womenwin the pain contest. SORRY (not actually sorry).

The man who posted thetweet was dragged so hard by Twitter there is pretty much nothing of him remaining.

Now I can’t know just how much this brutal public flogging hurt, but I can almost definitely assure you, not as much as a period.

h/t: @__sargee