Smoothie Cafe’s Employees Show How They Have Rest At Work Thanks To Its “No Chairs Policy” In Viral TikTok

A pair of employees working at Tropical Smoothie Cafe created and posted a clip portraying the struggles of not being ‘allowed’ to sit while on the clock. The video went viral on the popular social media platform TikTok and ensued conversation on the alleged ‘cruelty’ of the “no sitting” rule.

tropical smoothie no sitting rule

shutyournuggets via TikTok

User (shutyournuggets) posted the seven-second clip with the caption “No chairs in sight” and made light on how her and her coworkers find ways to rest their legs besides sitting. In the video, they can be seen squatting, propped on one leg to give the other a break, and leaning against the wall and counter in hopes of some relief.

The TikTok video showing the challenges of the ‘No Sitting’ rule sparked debate on the rules enforcement.


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The right to sit in the United States refers to state and local legislation guaranteeing workers the right to sit at work when standing is not necessary. Between 1881 and 1917, almost all states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico had passed legislation concerning suitable seating for workers. These laws were reforms during the Progressive Era, spearheaded by women workers in the labor movement. The texts of these laws originally almost always specified that they applied only to female workers. Most states with right to sit laws have subsequently amended their legislation to include all workers regardless of sex.

Despite this active reform, some establishments still do their best to enforce the rule, claiming that sitting down while at work appears “lazy” and “unmotivated” to customers; despite sitting being a completely natural act that all humans need to do.

Back on TikTok, viewers in the comment section had a few opinions to share on the topic.

“I don’t understand the no sitting rules, what’s with the belief we can’t be productive sitting,” one user wrote.

“For $10 an hour idk why people still listen to ANY commands 😂,” another pointed out.

“genuinely don’t know how i made it at tropical,” one said.

“The foot pain that will stick with me forever now… so happy I left,” another commenter admitted.

Other users shared their own horror stories at their workplaces where a similar rule is enforced.

“i work at a gas station and you already know if no one’s in the store i’m sitting on the floor behind the counter😭”

“i’m barely making it at dunkin when they put me on drive thru. we don’t move around at all.”

“i got in trouble for sitting while sorting out inventory on the floor while we were setting up our new store at 5below. like?????”

The ‘no sitting’ rule, frankly, is ridiculous and should never be an “all or nothing” type situation. If anything, the rule could be used in moderation, for example, ‘no sitting while customers are in the store.’ Even still, as someone who has personally worked in a fast-paced restaurant scene, if a break was required, I took one- and $10/hr definitely wasn’t going to sway my decision in doing so.

What are your thoughts on this enforcement? Let us know!