Debate Breaks Out After TikToker Accidentally Orders A $300 Steak On A Date


A lot of folks like to do something special for their anniversaries, from special events to fancy dinners out.

But for some, that can come with an unexpected sticker shock, as was the case for TikToker Daniela, aka @ikingdani, whose accidental order cost six times the expected meal.

The video, which has over 4.7 million views and counting, shows the woman’s partner getting ready to pay for their anniversary dinner. The TikToker said that he had encouraged her to order the wagyu sirloin for the special occasion, but there were two wagyu items on the menu, so instead of ordering the $50 sirloin as she’d intended, she accidentally ordered the 8-ounce wagyu instead.

In the text overlay on the video, Daniela wrote, “My plate was $312 and his was $48.”

While he was a good sport about it, Daniela’s partner teased her by making his hand shake as he went to pay for the meal — a total of $438.54.

Daniela wrote in the comment section that she was so upset about her costly mistake, but her partner was sympathetic and understanding.

“I walked out the restaurant crying…” she wrote, adding, “he [held] my hand while I was tearing up and told me we were going to laugh about it in a couple of months.”

She revealed elsewhere in the comment section that the steak wasn’t even very good.

“It was the 8 slices of wagyu and some tiny leaves on the side with salt,” she said.

Some viewers commiserated with Daniela, revealing times that they had made similar mistakes.

One user wrote, “That happened to me too. I thought it was $50, turned out it was $50 PER OUNCE!”

“My buddy did this with bottle service at the club,” another added, saying, “he thought it would be like $100, he was like bottle only $60 at store. $1200 for a patron.”

“I did this on my first anniversary,” another person revealed. “It was so good my husband lets me get it every year.”

Others thought that it should be standard protocol for the waiter to clarify the price point of costly menu items.

“Waiter definitely should have read the order back and confirmed that’s what they wanted tbh. if something like that is offered,” one suggested.

“The server should’ve confirmed that’s what you meant to order given the disparity in the dishes,” another suggested.

An ex-server added, “I’ve been a server and I would have verified in a nonchalant way. ‘I just want to confirm you want the 8oz [wagyu] that’s listed on page xyz.’”

“Nah cause the server should [have] clarified that,” yet another person stated. “something that [different] in price I would [have] been like ‘okay and just to let you know it’s $300.’”

Daniela seemed to have found a way to make up the cost of the meal to her partner, if the comments are to be believed.

One commenter said, “you better have bought that man a PS5,” to which Daniela replied, “I did.”