Bartender Shows The Importance Of Tipping, Breaks Down Her $9 Paycheck For 70 Hours Of Work

I know I’m not the only person out there who’s baffled by the fact that even in the year 2022 “tipping” is still a topic of debate. If you’re someone who works or has worked in the food service industry, you understand the importance of tipping bartenders and food workers alike- especially with the first-hand knowledge that salary for service workers is borderline criminal.

So, although the majority of the nation has former experience on just how important that extra cash is, many are still in denial on it’s significance, and the action of tipping wait staff and bartenders is still not done as often as it should be.

A TikToker and bartender (f.aa.ded), recently posted a video describing her pay stub and just how depressing it ended up being when tips were not incorporated. In the now-viral clip, she explained that she had worked almost 71 hours in a span of two weeks- and her total after tax deductions, social security, and medicare came out to be a measly $9.28.

The video, posted to TikTok, shed light on the importance of tipping your bartenders.


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In the clip, she explained that she had worked a total of 70.8 hours during her two-week pay period, and with a salary of $2.13 an hour, should have made only $150.81, which in today’s economy could purchase maybe 2 or 3 tanks of gas, or perhaps a week’s worth of meals. Despite the ~$150 already being a very low paycheck for so much work, more than 90% of that was taken away, likely to either never be seen again or maybe one day be available through tax returns.

Although there have been recent developments of strange tipping scenarios, like being asked to tip at a self-service kiosk, or on a tablet after ordering through a drive-thru, it just goes to show how desperate food-service workers currently are to make a living these days. There’s an unspoken rule in our society that if you have the money to go out and eat, you should have the means to leave a few extra dollars as a tip.

At the end of her video, f.aa.ded stated “This is why you tip,” and commentators had a lot to add to the topic.

Some explained that their part of the world was ahead of the times and was paying a decent minimum wage beyond tipping alone. Others in the US described their updated wages and encouraged the OP to relocate to somewhere more fair.

Others discussed the dire need for change when it comes to fair wages in the food and beverage service industry:

Tipping when suggested is so important. Next time you’re questioning whether or not you should leave a gratuity, whether the service was stellar or not, do it. You never know what someone could be going through, or how closely they are getting by throughout their life. They certainly aren’t working for $2.13 because they want to!

What are your thoughts on the discussion of gratuity? We’d love to know!