This Photo Of Dr. Phil Without His Mustache Makes Me Incredibly Uncomfortable

Dr. Phil is known for many things. The TV show host and best-selling author is usually out there spreading life lessons and mantras for troubled teens and couples in need.

He’s always helping out individuals who may not understand exactly how the world works.

But, most of all, he’s known for his big, bushy, famous mustache.

But, this week, for April Fools Day, Dr. Phil decided to trick people into thinking he shaved his mustache off completely. He posted on a series of photos and videos online, showing his beautiful stache covered in shaving cream.



And, then, he posted a photo of his mustache completely gone. Warning to all—this photo is so uncomfortable, I’m actually cringing.


People were not feeling it.

As it turns out, it was all a prank. But, I’m definitely scarred for life.

Never again.

h/t: BuzzFeed.