Everyone’s Roasting The Hell Out Of This Ad Because Of How Tight The Model’s Shirt Is

The world of fashion is a dog-eat-dog world. To survive, you need to stand-out, either with your designs, the structure of your business, marketing, or that certain unidentifiable something that titillates the senses and gets consumers to click “add to cart.”

If you’re the men’s clothing company, Father & Sons you hire the strangest looking beefcakes you can find and garb them in the tightest possible button-downs and pants that are essentially painted on.

I mean, just look at this character.

Father and Sons

That sinewy mannequin who would make Gaston jealous is Shaun Rezaei. Look at the way his arms are literally double the size of the sleeve opening. Or how the buttons aren’t lined up at all. You too can mimic this “werewolf midway through transformation” look if you shop at Father & Sons.

How do those pants even work? How does one slip into those things? What actual size are the shirts? I’m not the only one completely flabbergasted by these designs. People have been flocking to F&S’s Facebook page to essentiallybuild a new FAQ for the brand:



Please don’t forget that Shaun, as he very publicly announces in his Instagram bio, has less than 5% body fat.


Any publicity is good publicity, right? Maybe Father & Sons are actually brilliant marketing tacticians…

Follow-up question: Do those models need a second person to help them put the shirts on? Can their arms bend enough to button their buttons? I’ll be thinking about this for awhile.

h/t: Bored Panda and Someecards