Target Is Selling The Best Ugly Sweaters We’ve Seen So Far And Yes, There Is A Wasted Santa Claus

The holidays are just around the corner. Next week we’ll be stuffing our faces with turkey and getting drunk off spiked apple cider and then before we know it, Christmas will be here or Hannukah—whatever floats your boat. Of course, the holiday season wouldn’t be complete without at least one ridiculous ugly sweater party and Target’s latest collection has all the options you could possibly need, and then some.

As if we needed another reason to love Target, the popular retailer just debuted a collection of ugly Christmas sweaters that’ll make you the envy of every holiday party this year.

Will Ferrell Elf GIF by Greetings - Find & Share on GIPHY

Including this Dachsund Through The Snow for dog-lovers.

Look at his teeny little sweater!

Get it HERE

And this punny Namasleigh for yogis.

Santa meditates too, y’all.

Get it HERE.

Not to mention, a Double-Fisting Santa.

Saint Nick’s getting lit tonight.

Get it HERE.

Or this 80s-inspired Glamor Shot.

Must have this in my life.

Get it HERE.

And who couldn’t love the Oh Snap! Gingerbread Man?

Not the gumdrop button!

Get it HERE.

Can we talk about this festive llama?

OMG, who is he?

Get it HERE.

Or maybe THIS llama?

They’re everywhere.

Get it HERE.

But my personal favorite is the wine drunk Merlot-Ho-Ho Santa.

He just gets me.

Get it HERE.

You in your new sweater after three eggnogs at the office Christmas party.

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Werk it, werk it.