Hilarious Twitter Thread Matches Characters From ‘The Office’ To Their Perfect Dog Counterpart

I’m sure Steve Carell and NBC had no idea that years after airing The Office, it would be as wildly popular as it still is today. Thanks to Netflix and other streaming services, fans (old and new) get to fall in love with the gang at Dunder Mifflin as many times as they want without ever getting sick of Michael’s “that’s what she said” jokes.

Recently, to bring even more humor to the show, a Twitter user decided to match up characters from the show with their perfect canine counterpart—with details and explanations for each. Obviously, it’s hilarious and accurate. So, thanks to @samzsmith for giving us the laughs.

Michael Scott—A Beagle

Dwight Schrute—An Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

Jim Halpert—a Siberian Husky

Pam Beesly—a Welsh Corgi

Ryan Howard—a Dalmatian

Darryl Philbin—a Bernese Moutain Dog

Andy Bernard—a Golden Retriever

Stanely Hudson—a Shar Pei

Phylis Vance—a Cocker Spaniel

Angela Martin—a Lhasa Apso

Kevin Malone—a French Bulldog

Oscar Martinez—a mixed breed

Meredith Palmer—a Poodle

Creed Bratton—an English Sheepdog

Erin Hannon—a Shetland Sheepdog

Toby Flenderson—a Spanish Water Dog

Kelly Kapoor—a Papillon

Gae Lewis—a Chinese Crested

Jan Levinson—a Yorkshire Terrier

Nellie Bertram—a Dachsund

Robert California—a Bloodhound

Karen Fillipelli—a Schnauzer

Holly Flax—a Samoyed

David Wallace—a Border Collie

Hank—a Great Dane

Mose Schrute—a Brussels Griffon

Val—a Puli

Todd Packer—a Boxer

Jo Bennet—a German Shepherd

I’m so satisfied.

h/t:  @samzsmith