People Are Sharing The Stupidest Conspiracy Theories They’ve Ever Heard And We’re Done With The Internet For Today

People are free to believe whatever they want to believe, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to ruthlessly mock those who believe some really stupid sh*t. I’m sorry, you’re not going to convince me that cow milk is going to be weaponized or that there are fetal cells in Coke, or least of all that the earth is flat. These are just a few of the most idiotic conspiracy theories out there that Reddit users are ruthlessly dragging and tbh, we love it.

1. Conspiring weathermen.

That weathermen are in cahoots with grocery stores to cause panic buying of bread and milk by exaggerating chance of major snowstorms.


2. The second sun.

There’s another sun at the center of the earth.


3. We were fighting the aliens.

That we bombed Hiroshima to destroy the Alien base underneath it.


4. Cow milk is the future.

Almond, hemp, and other milks are meant to slowly lead the general public away from drinking cow’s milk so that the price would deflate and enable the U.S. to weaponize it.


5. McDonald’s made us all cannibals.

That McDonald’s puts baby meat in their burgers.


6. People actually believe there are human beings in coke.

There are people alive that believe that there are “aborted fetal cells” in coke and bull semen in red bull.


7. We’re all high all of the time.

We are all secretly high on air and drugs are the only way to see life the way that it actually is.


8. Australia isn’t real.

The stupidest conspiracy theory I’ve ever heard is that Australia doesn’t exist and is just a small island part of New Zealand.


9. Engines are fake.

Formula 1 cars (amongst many other engine powered vehicles including airliners) don’t have engines and are powered entirely by releasing air out of pressurised tanks.


10. There’s no such thing as periods.

Women do not menstruate.


11. It’s all part of the plan.

That the auto detailing industry controls the width of parking spaces, and makes them narrow so they get more business fixing dents.


12. There’s going to be a major planetary collision.

“Planet X” is going to crash into and destroy the Earth very soon, and we won’t even see it coming.


13. Hot singles everywhere.

That hot singles in my area want to meet me.


14. We never went to the moon.

The moon landings were faked so people wouldn’t know about the aliens on the moon. And the Vietnam war was faked to hide the waragainst the aliens on the moon.


15. And finally, the stupidest of all theories…

That the earth is flat


h/t Reddit