“Why Do They Think They Can Treat People Like This?” — Target Employee Quits After 3-Weeks, Here’s Why…

TikToker and former Target employee @earthlingxobro shared a now-viral video encouraging potential applicants to not work at the store.

“So I got hired at Target three weeks ago and tonight I walked out and I quit.”

He explains in the video that he quit after only 3 weeks because he was threatened with being fired if he didn’t work faster.

“Before I even got started on any work today when I got in there, I got pulled into the office almost immediately and was told that if I didn’t speed it up and start working ‘faster’ that I was going to be let go, that they were going to fire me.”

He was shocked to hear this because so far, he hadn’t been late or called off and was a diligent worker while on the clock.

As a new hire, says it’s unreasonable for companies to expect workers to go above and beyond for “a sh*t wage.”

“Who are you to expect them to be this well-oiled, perfect machine, especially after three weeks when you didn’t even train this person because they didn’t train me.”

He went on to criticize how companies treat employees since the pandemic.

“These companies don’t have this leverage anymore and it’s so hilarious to me that they still think they do, you know? This is post-pandemic. Everybody’s short-staffed, and it’s for reasons like this. We’re not gonna put up with bullshit. We’re not scared of you anymore.”

Regardless, his rant struck a chord with viewers. Some said quitting after such a short period of time is ridiculous, while others claimed how $15-$17 and hour is an “unlivable” wage

Here’s what viewers had to say:

You Can View The Full Video Here:


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