27 Red Flags That Prove You’re In A Toxic Friendship


When you have a miscarriage after trying for two years to get pregnant, and they tell you it was probably for the best because they don’t like your partner. Yes, this actually happened. The most fucked up part is that – as I sat in stunned disbelief – she actually got mad at me for not agreeing with her!! Needless to say, friendship over.



When they put too much pressure on you to hang out, and in everyone one of these friendships I’ve had, the pressure is to come out to them and do what they want to do.



When their name becomes their excuse for their behavior, “Oh that’s just how X is”. Nope your shitty behavior and personality is not acceptable.



Withholding interaction or friendship if you disagree with them, to the point where you are scared to say anything for fear they will leave you.



Talking at me not with me. I have a friend who i ditch his calls most days because he just wants to talk at me. Never listens and commonly tells me the same story from yesterday.

I started distancing myself from another because he kept trying to talk me into things i wasnt comfortable with. He was subtly gaslighting me and i didnt catch it till a better friend told me who all the stories.of being gaslighted where about.



When hanging out with them is just plain exhausting. As in, you can’t have a real conversation because they’re constantly texting or every little bump in the road is a life shattering huge deal. Thriving on drama is no good.



Honestly being passive aggressive, and ghosting you for weeks at a time are two huge flags. It shows they can’t be bothered to communicate why they’re upset with you, and I think it’s a pretty clear indicator that they don’t care about your feelings.


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