27 Red Flags That Prove You’re In A Toxic Friendship

When you hear the term “red flag,” people usually correlate it with romantic relationships. Red flags are those warning signs that tell you that you should run for the hills instead of falling deeply in love with someone.
But, as it turns out, you can spot red flags in other relationships in your life–not just the romantic ones. For many people, getting stuck in toxic friendships can happen, more than once. How do you know that your friend is toxic and a bad influence on you and your life? Well, experts are here to tell you those “red flags” to spot that you’re in a pretty unhealthy friendship.


When they only talk crap about their other friends to you. Calling you their “best friend” too quickly, when you feel not even close to the same.



When they only talk about themselves and their problems but never asks about how you’re doing.



When you drop everything to help them change a tire in a rain storm, but when you are in the hospital they dont even know for like 6 months….



When they never apologize for upsetting you and you’re the one who always ends up apologizing.



When they only ever get in contact with you because they want something. To the point of not even making small talk, just “I need this..” or “Can you do this for me..”

At that point, you’re not a friend, you’re a service provider.



When they need a ride to the party but you are not invited to the party.



I’ve had friends that are so worried about their image that even after years of friendship they refuse to be themselves or admit their flaws. Instead when we hangout it’s like there is this facade. Interactions are super shallow and there’s no room for personal growth.



Bringing you down when you’re happy, and starting to resent you when you get your life back on track. My “friend” Sara only ever liked me when my life was a bigger trainwreck than hers.



Always canceling/changing plans last minute. It shows that they don’t value your time.

Saying rude or demeaning things about you often and getting defensive if you ask them not to. It shows they don’t respect your feelings and that they want to put you down to boost themselves up.



If they’re always trying to “one up” you, instead of just listening to your issue, leave. Like seriously, get out.