27 Red Flags That Prove You’re In A Toxic Friendship


Getting mad when you say no to something.



making fun of you regularly in front of others and claiming you‘re unable to take a joke when you tell them it hurts.

it still hurts.



When they take the opposite viewpoint in every conversation. One of my older best friends argues nearly every opinion I have, and so it’s made hanging out with him exhausting.



When you are constantly telling them to not do something because it hurts you in the end, but they continue to do so anyways.



Them being depressed every time you’re not hanging out with them. Be it responsibilities or other friends, if you’re not always choosing them and they’re miserable about it, that’s a no-go. If jealousy accompanies it, extra No.



When they introduce you to other people as their ___ friend. Insert “gay” or “black” or “Mexican” or whatever.



“Let’s get together this weekend! I’ll give you a call Friday so we can make plans.” Sunday, still no call or text…

Always telling you gossip about someone else, they will tell your gossip to someone else.

“It’s your turn to buy/pay/pick/etc. nah bitch, pay your half.



BPD red flag: they call you their best friend soon after meeting them.



When they constantly put themselves down and you have to repeatedly build them up. Yes there may be instances where that is normal, but when you try to help they put you down, too. It comes to a point where it’s too exhausting to keep up and you need to think about yourself.



“Jokes” that seem off color, especially in response to you expressing something positive or a win in life.

For example, I told a work friend that I lost a bit of weight since switching a medication and how I felt like my clothes fit better.. her response was never “Aw that’s great!” But instead she said “you’re the girl who thinks she’s a size 8 but is actually a 14”

Ok first off, excuse me WHAT?!

She laughed hysterically and said “I’m only joking!”

No. This shit ain’t cute. Also I have clothes ranging from size 8 to 14. They all fit. Wtf u doin, womens fashion??


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