27 Displays Of People’s Geographic Ignorance That Will Leave You Speechless

When people’s knowledge of geography is on a permanent vacation.

When you’re scrolling through your feed, you might stumble upon posts that make you do a double-take, wondering if geography classes have gone extinct. I mean, who knew the world map could be so… flexible? From mistaking continents for countries to concocting wild tales about exotic lands, it’s a wild ride through the annals of geo-confusion.

These posts aren’t just good for a chuckle; they’re a reminder that in our hyper-connected world, a little map savvy goes a long way. Whether it’s sparking up conversations about cultural differences or just preventing future face-palms, a crash course in Geography 101 might be in order for a lot of folks out there.

1. Wait Until This Guy Hears About A Country Called Spain

2. Africa Is So Confusing

3. Apparently Spain Is The Capital Of Mexico

4. South Africa, Duh

5. Apparently Cleopatra Vii Was African American

6. This Map Has Two Australia’s

7. Poor Indians

8. Australia And Its Harsh Northern European Climate

9. It’s Spelled Australia*

10. India Is Not A Location

11. Its A Part Of Europe Right?

12. I Don’t Think That’s Italy

13. Europe Is A Continent

14. My Favorite Country Is Africa

15. When You Try To Roast Europe For Not Being Knowledgeable Enough About Coffee, But Europe Has A Reverse Uno Card Up Its Sleeve

16. Lost Brain Cells Reading This Twitter Thread

17. Says “I’m English” But Doesn’t Know What The Right Flag Is For England? Nobody Could Be That Stupid Right?

18. That Awkward Moment When You Can’t Tell The Difference Between The Flag Of Mexico And Italy

19. If Only Spain Existed

20. Don’t Have A Cashapp

21. For Pride Month, My City (Not In Lithuania) Mistakenly Put Up A Bunch Lithuanian Flags

22. Is Not Good With His Geography

23. Well, Of Course You Can. Who Are We To Make Things More Difficult On The Road For You… Jfc

24. Goddamn Europeans Living In Europe

25. How Many People Failed Element School Geography?

26. Wait… Spain Is In South America?

27. Europe Sucks