People Are Wondering If SunnyD Is Alright After The Company Issued Some Depressing Tweets

Everyone knows that there are some staple things from our childhood that bring forth nothing but nostalgia. Whether it’s TV shows, games, toys, food, or snacks—we hold them near and dear to our hearts. For me, there are few things in the world that spark nostalgia and “OMG I miss my childhood,” quite like food/drink.

That’s why I was in a panic after I saw that SunnyD—yes, the SunnyD—had posted some depressing words on their Twitter account Sunday. The company simply tweeted:

Clearly, they were speaking about the boring, sad, cringe-worthy Super Bowl performance the Patriots and Rams were putting on. But, many believed that SunnyD was ready to off themselves from the world which, of course, would ruin all of our lives.

People immediately began reaching out to the company, giving them nice, heartfelt, sweet advice to ensure that everything was okay. Even companies shared some love.

However, there were those who used the opportunity to make hilarious memes.

Don’t worry everyone, SunnyD is just fine.

Lex Gabrielle

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