25 Tech Nostalgia Pics That Will Prove You’re Old

Remember when CD burning was a thing? How about when you actually typed a/s/l into a chat room with the intention of hanging out with, talking to and possibly getting to know strangers on the internet before anyone’s home page wasn’t directly tied to their ISP? How about screensaver-based songs or games? Floppy disks? The following pictures will test whether or not you were around for the Golden Age of the internet or not. Good luck!

Remember when 28.8 was the fancy option?

And this is what it looked like to go to a friend’s house

You’d wait for the dial-up noise to come on during this animation. Unless somebody started using the phone (everyone had landlines). Then you’d have to start all over.
anigif enhanced-7392-1405016010-13 
Once “jacked in”, you’d start with your ISP’s homepage


Or if you knew your sh*t you’d have a fancy page setup years later, pre-Google. That’s right, internet existed before Google.

You’d visit some of your other favorite web portals, most likely…

You would go onto Napster to download some free music. About 40 minutes for a single song.

Or you’d get a movie from Kazaa in only about 2 entire days.
ri kazaa

Or you’d login to this piece of magic…

And answer the age-old question, A/S/L in a chatroom you’d find on a list of chatrooms currently open. That was the only criteria.

You’d talk to some weirdly very nice people, who you assumed looked at least somewhat similar to you…

And you made sure that your Away message was awesome.


While talking to people you could back up your tapes…

… or make mix CDs. CDs!
1097948651 4240790653_full


While you waited for your incredibly long download you could play games (by loading 9 disks of data onto your computer). 
Kings Quest V

Or take a TV break!

You could also play one of those screensavers with a game included!

… or play one of the games that came with the operating system.
rodents revenge_1_1
… or listen to some high-quality tunes, if you were that fancy.
mini disk player sony

And before MySpace, before Facebook, people would go enjoy their time with their friends, family and pets. Well, not all the time, but as much as they could handle. And this screen always said goodbye to all of us. 
37563 funny_its_now_safe_to_turn_off_your_computer

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