Social Media ‘Posing Coach’ Calls Out All The ‘Millennial Poses’ We Should Stop Doing In Viral TikTok

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“WTF is a posing coach?” you might be wondering. It is what it sounds like and yes, this is apparently actually a job.


Christine Buzan is a “posing coach” who went viral for a TikTok series calling out all the millennial poses we shouldn’t be doing (if you can shove this information into your already stuffed brain, I guess).

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Christine began her journey as a “pose coach” back in 2011 as a fashion assistant in New York. She observed models and started a successful fashion blog. She then spent four actual human years educating herself about posing.

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“I purchased every book, took every course available, and ended up breaking down this knowledge into a methodology that was actionable and simple for people to learn. That methodology became my first course…which launched in 2020,” Christine said to BuzzFeed.

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“The two biggest mistakes I most frequently see [when people take photos] are a lack of confidence and visible tension,” Christine said, again to BuzzFeed. “There is nothing ‘natural’ about posing for photos, so it’s only normal that people feel awkward or tense in front of the camera. However, if you’re uncomfortable in photos, it definitely shows.”

“It may sound cheesy,” she continued, “but the best way to build confidence is through practice. The more you’re posing for photos, the easier it becomes, and the easier it becomes, the more you’ll feel confident doing it.”

So what should we stop doing? No more “super high camera angles” — it makes your body look disproportionate to your head.

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We should also stop doing the “teapot pose”, instead opting for a thumb-in-pocket situation.

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Also bad, apparently? BOTH hands on your waist.

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And we all know duck lips are very out.

Here are five tips Christine says will help anyone look great in a pic:

“Come from a place of confidence. Even if you have to fake it! Dig deep and think of a time you felt like your most confident, bold, and authentic self. This will translate in your photos.

Stand up straight. Imagine that an invisible string is pulling your head toward the ceiling, and roll your shoulders back.

Place your weight on one leg. This gives your pose more fluidity and looks more natural.

Bend your limbs. There’s a rule in posing, ‘if it bends, bend it.’ Even a slight bend, or keeping your limbs relaxed will make you look more comfortable.

Push your forehead toward the camera. It may sound silly, but this tip elongates the neck, reduces a double chin, and makes you look more connected to the camera.”

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