Man Annihilates Anti-Vaxxer On Twitter With A Chef’s Kiss Of A Burn

We all know that anti-vaxxers are definitely the worst—they choose to believe memes and other random stuff on the internet over actual doctors and scientists. They put their own kids and the kids of others at risk of developing potentially life-threatening diseases. And they do it all so smugly as if they’re somehow enlightened, while the rest of us are just choosing not to see the truth.

The truth is that vaccines are safer than any of the diseases they prevent. And they do not cause autism. And the diseases people can contract without vaccines can lead to death. So what’s there really to debate?

More and more people, fed up with the dangerous anti-vaxxer movement, are clapping back atanti-vaxxers and letting them know just how stupid they’re being. Like the guy in this Twitter convo snippet that was posted to the subReddit, Murdered By Words.

Someone named Jack wrote, “Imagine thinking that your child is better off with polio than autism. 2019 is whack.” Then a person named Charisse chimed in, writing, “Imagine thinking that injecting your child with untested, contaminated neuro toxins that can kill or brain damage them is healthy? Babies are dying from vaccines too.” (Narrator voice: They aren’t.)

Jack wrote back to Charisse, “I mean I’ve been vaccinated, and I’m sure [Charisse] has too, yet it appears you’re the only one with brain damage…,” and Charisse replied with “Oh please kid…. Try and grow up…that’d be great.”

Ohhh man, she’s just setting herself up to be taken down here. Telling him to grow up? Jack responded, “Thankfully I’ve been able to since I got my vaccines” and he even included a little smiley face emoji as the hot sauce on the burn.

Some of the comments on the Reddit post were almost as good as the post itself.

A good portion of the comments ended up being people explaining what “Big Pharma” meant to other Redditors who legitimately didn’t know, which is interesting to read. You can check out the original post here. And hey, let’s make it our civic duty to roast at least one anti-vaxxer a day!

h/t: r/MurderedByWords

Jessie Dean Altman

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.