13 Reasons You Should Never Vaccinate Your Kids

Preventable diseases that were almost eliminated are making a comeback, thanks to the anti-vaxxers in this country. According to the CDC, there have already been 314 cases of measles reported in the United States this year.

And since nothing seems to sway anti-vaxxers—not doctors, not science, not the thought of their kids’ safety or the safety of other kids who really can’t get vaccinated—maybe it’s time to look at all the benefits of not vaccinating kids.

Think of all the good things that your kid will miss out on if you get him or her vaccinated!

1. I bet your kid would be excited to wear this fun thing.

2. There’s nothing kids love more than laying around in these contraptions. And they get to spend time with other kids, too!

3. Looks like an amusement park (with really boring rides)!

4. Why get your kid a cool racecar bed when your kid could have this?

5. No one wants to miss out on this much fun.

——-Warning: Graphic Content Below———–

6. Don’t you want your child’s skin to look like this?

7. Look how happy this kid seems.

8. You can just tell the kid on the right is jealous of the one on the left.

9. Who doesn’t want to see their child ill and in pain?

10. Look like a winning combo!

11. Life before vaccines really just was better.

12. And death was, too, I guess.

13. Won’t you please just think of the children?

What are vaccines good for, anyway??


h/t: BuzzFeed