29 Funny Times Dumb Kids Decided To Comment On Thing They Don’t Yet Understand

When snack time scholars barely tall enough to see over the table offer unsolicited commentary.

The internet is the ultimate playground for anyone and everyone to comment on anything and everything they see online. Kids can come armed with their innocence, unfiltered thoughts, and a hilariously skewed understanding of the world, ready to drop their two cents into the deep well of online discourse. And the best part? They do it with the confidence of a seasoned internet veteran.

From offering earnest advice on topics way out of their league to misinterpreting grown-up jargon in the most adorable way, these pint-sized pundits are out here making the digital world infinitely more entertaining.

This collection of cuteness, confusion, and chuckles comes from the r/youngpeopleyoutube online Reddit community. Who knows, amidst the chaos and crayons, you might just find a nugget of unexpected wisdom from someone whose bedtime is probably 8 PM.

1. How did they know the fortnite

2. He is hard

3. I fel for it 🙁

4. This kid gots a lot to learn

5. This is so sad

6. No andrew that’s not what the tissues are for

7. Fake news

8. Who is hey?

9. Young love…

10. This kid.

11. Xbox

12. Owned

13. He evolved in 1 day…

14. Thats a hard one

15. Pewdiepie sucks

16. Feeling nostalgic

17. You can’t even spell bad lol

18. Bruh, middle school sucks

19. A kid faked his death

20. The greatest pun of all time

21. Kid actually made it

22. We better watch out, he can hack us at any second

23. Found another one bois

24. I wonder who wrote that he must be funny and handsome

25. The hero we all need

26. An embarrassing mistake

27. Carefull, he’s a hero

28. Walter

29. Oh no