Jameela Jamil Goes Off On People Joking That Lea Michele Can’t Read

If you, like me, are wondering “Wtf is this? Lea Michele can’t read?” allow me to explain what I just learned four minutes ago:

Apparently there’s a meme going around that the former Glee star can’t read or write.


It started when some fans shared a video on the Facebook page of their podcast One More Thing.

The theory arose due to some interesting bits in Sorry Not Sorry, an autobiography by Lea’s former costar, the fact that Lea began acting early, and the assertion that Lea didn’t have to read music on Glee.

Let me be clear: this is a stupid rumor and has no evidence based in anything even remotely real.

However, the meme took off after Lea was accused of “traumatic microaggressions” by Glee co-star Samantha Ware in 2020. Fans quickly turned on Lea in that aftermath and she’s been a bit of an internet laughingstock ever since.

Lea addressed the rumor earlier this week, calling it sexist.

Now Jameela Jamil is jumping in. She posted on Instagram to “address” the rumor.


“Whatever your issue with someone, and I don’t know this woman, or anything about her, but laughing at the idea of *anyone* not being able to read makes YOU look like a prick. An elitist, ableist bore,” Jamil posted.

She wrote, “It’s embarrassing for you, not them.”

In the caption, Jamil added, “Don’t let the debris of your bullets meant for some… hit those you weren’t aiming at.”

Some people can’t read because of disability, learning disabilities, some can’t because of a lack of access to education. Your words and actions also affect them,” she continued.

“If you’re so f–king smart, find a smarter way to insult the people you think are bad. 🤘🏽”

Sure, Jamil didn’t mention Lea by name, but … who else could this be?