Guy Comes Up With The Most Absurd Way To Dump His Girlfriend After His Family Moves Away

Breaking up with your significant other can sometimes be a difficult endeavor. No one truly wants to hurt someone they once loved and appreciated. But, sometimes in life, circumstances arrive that prevents us from continuing on that special love voyage–like, moving out of state.

One Instagram user was left with a rather confusing situation recently. He let everyone on Instagram know that he needed help “ending things” with his girlfriend. You see, @admed.simrin7 and his family had recently moved away and his girlfriend wanted to continue things long distance. But, he wanted to end things altogether, as he claims the relationship was a “toxic one.”

Instead of letting his girlfriend know–@admed.simrin7 asked everyone on Instagram (through a celebrity’s photo) to comment “RIP” on his Instagram pictures so that his girlfriend would think he was dead.

Kids these days, dude…

To make the situation even…worse…people actually decided to follow his request and began commenting on his photos with heartfelt goodbyes and “RIPs”.


I’m speechless.

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