Sick Of Her Eyeshadow “Being Covered By My Glasses,” TikToker Comes Up With Brilliant Hack


Do you love eyeshadow but wear glasses and feel that your frames often obscure the work you’ve put in to doing your makeup? Well, join a very large club! But if you feel like being bold, take a look at what 22-year-old TikToker Christiana “Roni” Ajai is doing with her looks. She began doing her eyeshadow specifically to fit in with her glasses, and people are going wild for her style.


Her first video was viewed over 20 million times! In that video, Ajai starts the base of her eyeshadow by outlining the shape of where her glasses sit on her face.

BuzzFeed reached out to Roni, who expressed her frustration with how her makeup didn’t always show up under her glasses: “I’d always take pictures without my glasses on…so there’d be evidence of how good it looked, because I knew once I put my glasses on, nobody else would be able to see the details.”

“I was frustrated that others couldn’t appreciate the work I’d put in because my glasses just covered it up, but I always did the makeup anyway because I enjoy creating new looks.”

She said that one day she was looking through Pinterest and found a look that seemed similar to the shape of her glasses: “I decided to trace the shape of my glasses and see what kind of effect it would have. Lo and behold, it turned out great!”

Featured Image: TikTok

Patricia Grisafi

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